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Delivering Results for Coloradans in the First 100 Days of the Republican House Majority

May 25, 2023

By Representative Lauren Boebert

The 118th Congress started with a bang. I helped lead the negotiations to end business as usual in Washington D.C., and instead of kicking the proverbial can down the road, we made historic one-in-a-generation improvements to the House. These improvements are already increasing transparency, reducing corruption, and returning power to the American people. 

During the Speaker vote negotiations, I put everyday Coloradans first and secured many key accountability measures, including:

1. Bills must be single subject. This ends the D.C. con game of calling bills one thing while they do another, like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act that actually increased inflation.

2. Bills must be posted for 72 hours, ensuring members will now have time to read bills before voting on them.

3. The government must be funded with the regular appropriations process—not the rushed and unaccountable 2,700-page omnibus bills that are a disaster for taxpayers. 

4. Reforming earmarks through numerous transparency and accountability measures. 

5. Securing a commitment by House leadership to vote on term limits for Members of Congress.

6. Establishing a committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government against the American people.

Since the Speaker vote, House Republicans have had an incredibly productive first 100 days delivering results for the American people. We came together to agree on a rules package that put Americans first. As a result, we are more unified than ever. From passing a historic bill to reduce energy prices, to legislation being signed into law that I cosponsored to end the COVID national emergency declaration, House Republicans are working every day to take our country back and return power to “We the People.”

In the first 100 days, I am proud to report a number of my own bills and amendments have passed the House on a bipartisan basis.

As part of H.R. 1, two of my bills passed the House with bipartisan support: the American Energy Act and the 90-Day Review Act. My American Energy Act requires the Department of Interior to continue to process drilling permits during litigation, reduces red tape by extending drilling permits to 4 years, and prohibits activist judges with a political agenda from vacating valid energy leases. Ultimately, my bill will increase American energy production and help decrease gas prices for Coloradans. 

My second bill that passed the House in H.R. 1, the 90-Day Review Act, will streamline infrastructure permitting and put Americans back to work by cutting red tape and shortening the timetable to file a lawsuit opposing critical infrastructure projects from 150 days to 90 days. This bill will unleash American workers to reach their full potential as they build roads, bridges, railways, and other important infrastructure projects at job sites across the country. 

In the first 100 days, I also passed all nine of my amendments through the House, eight of which received strong bipartisan support. My three amendments to the Strategic Response Production Act that passed the House will increase government transparency, reduce gas prices, increase American energy production, and protect Colorado energy jobs. 

I also passed two amendments to protect children and to protect parental rights. My amendments require schools to notify parents if they allow biological males to compete in women’s sports or use women’s restrooms. I strongly oppose schools allowing either, so I hope the transparency I pushed for will engage more concerned parents with schools that permit such gross behavior.

Additionally, I passed a bipartisan amendment holding the CDC accountable for its international travel vaccine mandate. It puts the COVID pandemic behind us by demanding accountability from the CDC and requiring it to report how many people were denied entry into the U.S. due to draconian vaccine mandates.

I also passed an amendment through the House requiring the Biden White House to be transparent about how its actions are increasing inflation for everyday Americans. Specifically, my amendment will require the White House to publish the inflation impact assessments of any new executive orders or federal regulations on a public website for Americans to see how government action is impacting inflation. This strong accountability measure passed the House 386-31 with every Colorado Democrat, Democrat leadership, and even Rep. Nancy Pelosi voting for it.

The numbers don’t lie. In the first 100 days, I have tirelessly advocated for the people of Colorado’s Third District, and I’m just getting started. Additionally, in our first 100 days, our strong Republican majority has passed more bills and have had more bills signed into law than Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority did in its first 100 days. We are working in a bipartisan manner and are hoping that more Democrats choose to put the American people over party and help us turn this broken country around.