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Radical Democrats support groomers who “teach” your children about so-called gender affirming care… this is sick and the Colorado Republican Party will speak against it even if misguided members of our Party unwittingly help Democrats push it.

Chairman, Colorado Republicans – Dave Williams

“From time to time, it’s the responsibility of any organization to hold its members accountable for harmful decisions they make.

This past Monday, the Colorado Republican State Executive Committee overwhelming voted to pass a resolution that admonished, rebuked, and reprimanded Republican State Rep. Ron Weinberg, State Rep. Rick Taggart, Castle Pines Councilman Roger Hudson, and Douglas County Commissioner Abe Laydon for signing a letter authored by radical Democrats who want to push the mutilation and chemical castration of children.

The Democrat letter these misguided Republicans affixed their names to falsely attacked Montana House Republicans for regaining order in their chamber after a transgender representative from their state incited violence and disrupted their legislative proceedings in an attempt to stop a bill that would rightfully prohibit so-called gender affirming care for children.

Hypocritical Colorado Democrats only wrote their deceptive letter to deflect the criticism they had received for actually silencing debate and stopping Colorado Republicans from representing the concerns of their constituents.

In an attempt to legitimize their hypocrisy and undemocratic process, they needed “bipartisan” political cover from at least one elected Republican if they had any chance of tricking the public into thinking they truly support free speech and thoughtful debate. Unfortunately, they convinced four Republicans to help them spread their lies. (Click the buttons below and see their double standards for yourself.)

Democrats Silence Republican Lawmakers

Democrats’ Hypocritical Letter

Again, Colorado Democrats have shown they do not care about diversity of thought or free speech, especially after they manipulated State House rules to censor Republican lawmakers and limit debate.

Their true goal is to trick Colorado voters into keeping them in power so they can continue to push the mutilation and chemical castration of children while calling it “gender affirming care.”

Elected Republicans should know better and understand the stakes. They should especially know not to help dishonest Democrats score political points by attacking fellow Republicans who only want to protect children from groomers.

You can read the resolution (“pdf’d”) below.

The Colorado Republican Party will stand for something, and we will not allow extreme Democrats to get a pass as they pursue destructive policies. The expectation for all elected Republicans in Colorado is to exercise better judgment and not allow these groomer-enabling Democrats to use them to advance their corrupt agenda.”


Dave Williams

Chairman, Colorado Republicans