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Support our La Plata County Fair Aug 9th-13th!

Visit our La Plata County Fair this year, please! Go to your local fair, walk past the rides and the games and find those livestock kids. Have a conversation with them, ask them about their animals. You just may learn something and have your faith in our future restored.

We fill the bleachers on Friday nights for football. We fill the bleachers on cold winter nights for basketball. We travel miles and miles, to sit in the bleachers for volleyball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, and dance.

Our 4-H and FFA families would like to invite you to fill the bleachers on a warm summer day during county fair week and watch the kids who practice with a 1200 pound steer that doesn’t always want to walk, a 140 pound lamb that doesn’t want to get on the stand for the 100th time, a 280 pound hog that just wants to stay in the cool barn or a stubborn goat that doesn’t like the chain/halter.

Come check out Exhibit Hall for all the non-livestock exhibitors. Those kids have heart and dedication and put hours into their creations.

Let’s fill the bleachers, barns, and buildings to show these kids that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and because of them, the future of the agriculture and leadership is in good hands.

Please support your local county fair! Share with your friends, family and social media.