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Update from the Colorado State GOP

Dave Williams, Chairman, Colorado Republicans, 10/12/2023

The morally bankrupt Democrats in power, and lapdog media, know Rep. Tim “Hamas” Hernandez embarrassed them beyond belief while exposing their true extremist colors this past week.

If the out-of-touch Denver Post or the lying hacks at ColoradoPols try to publicly distance themselves from a Democrat in power, then you know the radical left is afraid and will do whatever possible to sweep this Democrat scandal under the rug.

But even in the face of a clear controversy, Democrat leadership, and their State Party, are still refusing to hold accountable Rep. Tim “Hamas” Hernandez for supporting terrorism against Israel.

Fortunately, because of Republican State Representative Brandi Bradley, Republicans in the State House are not waiting for failed Democrat leaders to do the right thing.

Attached is a letter that was signed by a majority of State House Republicans, which was also delivered to the Speaker and Majority Leader today. (pdf attached)

Recently, Colorado Republicans demanded Rep. Tim “Hamas” Hernandez resign.

Obviously, “Hamas” Hernandez won’t resign nor will legislative Democrats have the integrity to push for it either.

As such, we commend Rep. Bradley, and the Republicans who signed this letter, for demanding a vote to expel him from the Colorado House of Representatives.

The State House cannot afford to have lawmakers in the chamber who believe political violence is acceptable in anyway

Rep. Bradley has also assured the Colorado Republican Party that if Democrat leadership refuses to allow an up or down vote to expel “Hamas” Hernandez, then she will personally have the resolution to expel him drafted and introduced while doing everything in her power to not have any other legislative business considered until this expulsion is voted on.

As stated yesterday, you should not expect much from the media to report on this.

There has been some news coverage, and that’s only because this Democrat scandal has gone viral thanks to you. But the news coverage has been severely lacking on purpose.

We simply cannot expect Kyle Clark with 9 News, Bente Birkeland with Colorado Public Radio, Charles Ashby with the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, the paid political hacks from ProgressNow Colorado with Colorado Pols, or others who falsely claim to be objective journalists to meaningfully cover this story, if at all.

Here’s the sad truth, if an elected Republican said anything remotely like what Democrat “Hamas” Hernandez said about supporting violence, there would be wall to wall coverage.

Donald Trump or Lauren Boebert can’t cross the street without the press making a big deal out of it… but if a Democrat in political office says he supports the “liberation of Palestinians” as Israeli babies are being beheaded, then the media tries to ignore it at all costs.

Most of the press won’t cover this because their main job nowadays is to shield Democrats from criticism, and due to this unfortunate reality, it’s up to you to spread the word.

Please share this email and letter from State House Republicans to everyone you know.

“Hamas” Hernandez needs to be kicked out of office before it’s too late and before his antisemitism incites more violence.

For Israel,

Dave Williams